3.2.6 Add A SMB Compatible Storage

Service Message Block (SMB) protocol

SMB 3.1.1 (or SMB3)

Integration with SMB Compatible Storage is currently accomplished via the Service Message Block (SMB) protocol. Before you begin, you should ensure that this protocol is enabled in your computer.

In order to integrate SMB Compatible Storage with MetaDefender for Secure Storage please follow these steps:

  1. From the left side menu, navigate to Storage units and from the Network-Attached Storage tab, choose Add SMB Compatible Storage

  2. Give your storage a name so you can easily identify it later

  3. Enter the Username that has access to the share.
    (The user should have at least read and write security permissions)

  4. Enter the Password.

  5. Fill in the SharePath field which represents the path to the share.
    The following formats are currently supported:

    1. file://servername/pathToShare

    2. \\servername\pathToShare

    3. //servername/pathToShare

    4. smb://servername/pathToShare

  6. Select the MetaDefender Core server that you wish to use.

  7. Click Add in order to finish the process.