3.2.4 Add A Box Storage

In order to integrate Box with MetaDefender for Secure Storage please follow these steps:

  1. From the left side menu, navigate to Storage units and from the Cloud Storage tab, choose Add Box Storage images/download/attachments/2577704/Box.PNG

  2. Give your storage a name so you can easily find it later

  3. Upload your Credentials file. Scroll down for more details.

  4. Select the MetaDefender Core server that you wish to use.

  5. Select Add in order to finish the process.

How can I generate a Public / Private key pair

To generate an file that contains all the necessary information to connect MetaDefender for Secure Storage to your Box storage please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Box and then go to Dev Console

  2. From the console, choose Create New App

  3. Select Custom App and click Next

  4. Choose OAuth 2.0 with JWT (Server Authentication) as the authentication method and then click Next

  5. Give your app a name, for example MetaDefender for Secure Storage and then click Create App

  6. You will receive a message saying that your app has been successfully created. Click View Your App.

  7. You will be redirected to the app Configuration page.

  8. Scroll down to the Application Access section and choose Enterprise. This is necessary in order for MetaDefender for Secure Storage to be able to process files from all your Box users.

  9. Scroll down to the Application Scopes section and make sure that the following permissions are checked:

    1. Read all files and folders stored in Box

    2. Read and write all files and folders stored in Box

    3. Manage users

    4. Manage groups

  10. Next, please scroll down to the Advanced Features section and make sure that both Perform Actions as Users and Generate Users Access Tokens are enabled

  11. Make sure you save your changes.

  12. The next step will be to generate a Public/Private Keypair
    Note: When performing this action you may be required to re-authenticate using a two-factor authentication method. If this happens, after re-authenticating, please go back and click Generate Public/Private Keypair again

  13. A configuration file with all of your app settings will be downloaded. Please store it securely as you will need it a bit later

  14. From the left-side menu, click General and then scroll down to App Authorization section

  15. Click Submit for Authorization. From the popup that will appear, please make a copy of the Client ID

  16. Click Submit

  17. From the left-side menu, please navigate to My Apps and then choose Admin Console

  18. Using the Admin Console left-side menu, navigate to Apps and then Custom Apps

  19. Click Authorize New App and paste the previously copied Client ID and then click Next

  20. Review the application permissions once again and then click Authorize

  21. Almost done! All you need to do is go back to the MetaDefender for Secure Storage web interface and upload the Public/Private Keypair that you generated earlier in the Credentials field.