Why MetaDefender Cloud and not other vendors?

We offer multiple additional features and value:

  • Data sanitization (Content Disarm & Reconstruction)

    • Productivity files are reconstructed and potential malicious code hidden inside the files is stripped out.

  • Vulnerability

    • For hash lookups we are able to provide also the known vulnerabilities

  • Threat Intelligence

    • Collected information from live endpoints is made available through MetaDefender Cloud (over 1 billion submissions)

    • Information is collected during days, weeks or even more, which it makes it more valuable than a sandbox which is monitoring the behavior for roughly 3 min.

    • All the data is collected from real environment, real user experience, which makes malware armoring and sandbox evasion techniques irrelevant

  • On premise deployment (the fact that the files never leave the organization is the most important selling point for most of our clients)

    • Including offline environment

  • Faster file scans

    • Depending on the number of engines, filetypes and hardware can be a huge boost

    • File scan can take even less than 500ms

This article pertains to MetaDefender Cloud
This article was last updated on 2018-03-14