The process for scanning / rescanning file on MetaDefender Cloud

  1. Submit file for scanning: send POST request attached with file`s content to

  2. Once submitted done, you will get data_id of submitted file

  3. Retrieve scan progress based on data_id:<data_id>. Check for scan_results.progress_percentage to be less than 100 and scan_results.scan_all_result_i to not be aborted.

  4. Once done, you will get file_id of scanned file

  5. Rescan file based on file_id:{file_id}

  6. Here, you do not need to upload that file since it is being stored on MetaDefender servers, so it will be submitted automatically and then you will get a new data_id. Retrieve scan result based on this new data_id afterwards. Not every file can be rescanned, only the ones with "share_file" set to 1, meaning the files which were not scanned in private mode.

This article applies to MetaDefender Cloud product.
This article was last updated on 2019-10-25.