OPSWAT File Security for Chrome

OPSWAT File Security for Chrome leverages MetaDefender Cloud technology to protect users from malicious downloads. The extension creates a sanitized version of each downloaded file, checks downloads for vulnerabilities, and scans downloads for malware with over 30 anti-malware engines.

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Once you add the extension to Chrome, you'll automatically be assigned with an API key to allow you to integrate our data sanitization and multi-scanning technology into your own software applications. There are some limitations for free usage of the MetaDefender Cloud API, and these limits are described on the API key page. In order to update this API key, we strongly recommend users to sign in to their OPSWAT account. This way all the scanned files are kept into a personal record. In order to sign in and update the initially assigned API key, click the "SIGN IN" button, from the upper right-hand side of the Chrome Extension Settings page, and add your OPSWAT Portal credentials. You can sign in to your OPSWAT account from MetaDefender Cloud platform, too. If you are a new user, please kindly register here.


Welcome Page

Scan History

It is easy to see a history of all your downloads, along with the scan results for each, on the Scan History page. On this page, you can:

  • See everything you have scanned

  • Check the scan time and result for each scanned file

  • Get a link to the scan results page

Scan History Page

Public and Private Scanning

You have the option to share your scanned files with the community of MetaDefender Cloud users in order to improve detection rates. We encourage our users to do so in order to increase detection speeds and encourage threat research.

However, if you would like to keep all your downloaded files private, commercial users have the option to use MetaDefender Cloud's private scanning feature.

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