Is there a performance SLA for file scanning?

Scan times vary greatly depending on file type, file size, and current traffic. E.g: a 20kb pdf is scanned much faster than a 250mb archive. In general, archives usually take longer when scanning all the files inside.

When using multiscanning technologies it’s important to understand that AV engines have different scan times. Because scanning is performed in parallel, the total multiscanning time will be the time of the slowest engine to complete scanning the file. If a file scan is not completed in 30m, the scan process is canceled and the file is sent to a different server for scanning.

Also, the time in the queue is influencing the scan total time. Every file submitted is sent to a queue where it waits to be picked up and scanned. Free API users are sent to a queue with a lower priority, and MetaDefender Cloud customers' scan requests are prioritized. We are doing our best to keep the queue size close to “0”, but in rare cases, users will have to wait for files to be scanned.

For a faster result, users may choose to look up scan results using a hash value. This is much faster while using minimum network bandwidth usage compared to uploading a file. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to do a "HASH LOOKUP" before "SCAN A FILE".