Incident Reporting on

MetaDefender Cloud leverages OPSWAT's status page for cloud services, where we regularly post service performance and incident information. We recommend that every MetaDefender Cloud user subscribe to this page.

How do I subscribe to notifications about incidents on

Go to and click on the button "SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES".


The page provides several options for receiving notifications about outages and scheduled maintenance. Options include email, SMS, embed code, RSS feed, and others.

What kinds of incidents are posted to

Currently, you can find several types of information posted to this page:

  • Incidents such as outages and unexpected changes

  • Performance degradation

  • Scheduled maintenance

I am having an issue with MetaDefender Cloud. Where I can report it?

If you're experiencing an issue with MetaDefender Cloud, you can always visit the OPSWAT Portal and submit a ticket to our support team from there.