Coupons are a way through which OPSWAT offers promotional, limited time increased limits for MetaDefender Cloud API. A coupon can be obtained in several ways, some of which include participating an a webinar and visiting OPSWAT booth at conferences. Coupons come in the form of a code, like "WEBINAR_CLOUD". Once introduced in the profile page, they offer various limit increase like file scans or hash lookups for a limited amount of time.

How to use a coupon

In the user account section, select the tab that refers to "Coupons"


This will open the coupon page from the account profile.

Here we can see an input field where coupons can be activated, and information about existing coupons.


Introduce the code you have in the "Enter coupon code" text box and submit the request:


If the coupon is valid, the system will apply it on your user profile and the coupon details will become available under the "Active coupon" section:


Otherwise, you will be notified that the coupon is not valid:


If you already have an active coupon, you cannot apply another one until the first one expires.