7. Malware sample sharing


The endpoints part of malware sharing program are designed to expose the latest malware identified by OPSWAT, both infected files, and possible false positives.

These endpoints are only available to OPSWAT partners participating in the malware exchange program. If you are an antivirus vendor, or have a malware feed and want to participate in the program, please contact us at malware-sharing@opswat.com.

The lists expose information like the hashes of the files, the engines which detected the file and the download link, so it is easy to parse the feed and identify interesting hashes before starting the download.

MetaDefender Cloud does not store the files in archives separate. So it might be the case that a downloaded file has a different hash than specified in the URL. In this case, the hash can be found inside the archive.

The feed is generated once per day. At the moment, only the current day can be accessed.