6. Service Release Notes

04 Mar 2021

New features:

  • Anonymous users now have smaller limits:

    • Prevention API 3 (previous 40)

    • Reputation API 500 (previous 4000)

  • Registered users still have the same limits as before

  • Introduced shared rate-limiting for organizations

  • Introduced support for the following file types in Deep CDR: OTT, ODS, OTS, ODP, OTP

  • Decoupled CDR from multiscanning: now users are able to sanitize a file without performing multiscanning

  • The “rule: sanitize” header has been deprecated in favor of “rule: cdr”. When rule is used with “cdr”, it will not also perform multiscanning unless requested, whereas “sanitize” will automatically perform multiscanning as well

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed an error with webhooks crashing when using private processing

  • Improved rendering of long names for mobile displays

  • Improved response format when multiscanning is disabled

05 Feb 2021

New Features:

  • The uploaded archives now consume limits based on files inside the archive

Fixed Issues:

  • Removed unnecessary fields when multiscanning is not performed

  • The “file_info.upload_timestamp” was not showing the exact time when the file was uploaded

  • The cache was not cleared after private files were deleted

  • Throw an error when uploading archives with sandbox header

  • Newly uploaded files were showing a message saying “we have a newer analysis for this file”

  • Fixed several page crashes issues

20 Jan 2021

New Features:

  • The Sandbox results now display separate tabs for each OS version along with a detailed summary:

  • images/download/attachments/4084048/image-20210209-094922.png
  • Decoupled multiscanning from sandbox: now sandbox analysis can be performed without static analysis

Fixed Issues:

  • The Filename is now trimmed when longer than 256 characters in multipart uploads

  • X-Content-Type-Options set to 'nosniff'

  • Improved browser caching mechanism using the Cache-control header

  • Allow access to the billing portal for paid users who don’t have an active subscription

  • Improved error messaging when users run out of limits to specify which limit was exceeded on error

22 Dec 2020

New Features:

  • Added URL classification:

  • images/download/attachments/4084048/image-20201224-105234.png
  • Added Mitre att&ck UI for dynamic analysis:

  • images/download/attachments/4084048/image-20201224-105353.png
  • Added a banner on the frontend announcing a pricing increase

  • Added a new endpoint to delete the sanitized version of files from our servers on request 6.3 Delete Sanitized Files

Fixed Issues:

  • Hide scan history page if no data is available in the UI

  • Enhanced error detection in safe redirect

  • Fixed certain cases when EXIF metadata was not generated when uploading images

08 Dec 2020

New Features:

  • Released a new customer portal integrated with Stripe: now it is possible to update payment information and billing details. Canceling subscriptions and billing details have also moved to the Stripe portal.

  • Added imphash on the scan results overview page

Fixed Issues:

  • Added the OS on which the dynamic analysis was performed to the results JSON

  • Fixed an issue with bulk hash lookups returning duplicate entries

  • Improved priority for commercial sandbox users

24 Nov 2020

New Features

  • We have introduced a progress percentage for Sandbox scanning in the UI and API

  • Improved Deep CDR report filter dropdown usability

Fixed Issues

  • Added sanitized file report link to the summary page since there was no way to navigate to that report in the UI

  • Improved error messaging

  • Improved integration with OPSWAT SSO

21 Oct 2020

Fixed Issues:

  • Enhanced network connectivity for dynamic analysis & improved timeout

  • Enhanced peinfo error handling

  • Safe redirect apikey was sometimes not created

  • Fixed some cases when the Deep CDR option was not available for rescan in the UI

  • Added scan time to dynamic analysis report

14 Oct 2020

New Features:

  • Added new options for sandbox processing: now users have the ability to select the browser and timeout

  • The UI now accepts archive passwords for scanning archives


Fixed Issues:

  • On the first visit, reports are cached for 15 minutes

  • Homepage design updates

  • Archive parent link on the scan results page now points to extracted files

  • Added Open graph image tag to improve the Facebook sharing experience

  • Sandbox empty sections are now filtered out

  • Added new failed to scan status for IP/Domain

02 Sep 2020

Fixed Issues:

  • Extended website support for older browsers

  • Updates NPS banner display and positioning

  • UX updates for “Analyze again” buttons and Dynamic Analysis edge cases

13 Aug 2020

New Features:

  • Added a new engine to Multiscanning: Webroot

  • Added “Analysis API” to our online store and increased price for higher tiers of “Prevention API”

  • Dynamic Analysis summary page UI updates

  • Added an NPS banner for logged in users

  • Add community forum link in the footer and dropdown menu

  • Added additional background images to the homepage

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed a Deep CDR page crash

  • Added a graceful fail for invalid data on the Sandbox card

  • Fixed extracted files results status when failing

  • Fixed history graph display issue

  • Added shim for requestAnimationFrame to enable mobile users with opera mini to view the homepage without an error.

24 Jul 2020

New Features:

  • Sandbox dynamic analysis has now exited the beta state. It’s API is stable, the infrastructure is scalable and highly available, and is commercially available


Fixed Issues

  • Updated ToS URL

  • UI polishing

  • Fixed issues with invalid apikeys after logout

  • Improved Safe URL redirect URL handling

  • Updated license processing for apikeys expiring the current day

  • Fixed an issue with online store emails ignoring discount codes

09 Jul 2020

New Features:

  • UI updates:

    • Unify homepages by removing Deep Blue and Show themes, and updating the City theme

    • Updated cookie banner design

    • Enhanced notifications system

    • Update drop file banner design

    • Enhanced menu

    • Update scan component advanced options design

    • Added better visual for the community page when a file has no votes

images/download/attachments/4084048/image-20200714-162859.png images/download/attachments/4084048/image-20200714-162914.png

Fixed Issues

  • Updated page titles and descriptions for better SEO ranking

  • Fix manifest file image path

  • Fix Package Efficacy image logos

  • Added a scan history badge on the scan results menu

  • Update Licensing page FAQ

  • Improve the translations process by implementing a key scanner.

June 25th, 2020

New Features:

  • Added sandbox support for multiple files, including full support for Microsoft Office suite, python scripts and windows executables

  • Added a new endpoint for retrieving the full list of engines: 9.3 Engine list

Fixed Issues:

  • Improved notification messaging on the UI:

    • Info note to a user when uploading an infected file eligible for gamification points

    • Info message for clean archives with infected files inside

    • Banner informing the user that a newer result exists

  • Integrated a service for application monitoring and error tracking in the frontend

  • Updated File Overview to show the data as soon as it’s available

  • Added Beta tag to the Dynamic Analysis page menu entry

  • Added a general error handler at the app root to fail gracefully

  • Updated EXIF table responsive design

  • Fixed status page notification to show only Metadefender Cloud issues

  • Fixed CDR report links to “before CDR” results

  • Added Rate limit error message for guests users when the limit is reached

  • Updated clickable area for headers in the Dynamic Analysis page

  • Improved status description for dynamic analysis

  • Added link to the chrome extension page in the footer

  • Fixed manifest file URL.

  • Fixed homepage background zoom issue on mobile

June 11th, 2020

New Features:

  • New UI/UX for the IP-Domain scan results pages:

    • images/download/attachments/4084048/image-20200612-094412.png

  • New UI/UX for the dynamic analysis page:

    • images/download/attachments/4084048/image-20200612-101519.png

Fixed Issues:

  • Improved the online store UI to reflect the current subscription if present

  • Updates to forms displayed on the market share report

May 27th, 2020

New Features:

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed filetype detection for adobe illustrator files and PDF

  • Improved analyze again validation

  • Deprecate threat intelligence top hashes feed

  • Enhances to automatic payment workflow on our online store