5. Homepage


Multi-purpose search bar

The multi-purpose search bar can be used to search for any of the key terms on our website:

  • hashes (using md5, sha1 or sha256)

  • IP addresses

  • URLs

  • Domain addresses

  • CVEs

At the far right of the search bar is a paper clip. Clicking on it will open the file explorer for the user to select a file to upload. Also, a file can be uploaded by drag and drop a file anywhere on the page.

When scanning a file, the service will analyze the file name and decide what operations to execute, and will always perform a hash lookup first to see if the file was already uploaded before. These options can be changed when uploading a file from the search bar with the advanced scan options.

Advanced scan options

The advanced scanning options can be changed by clicking the gear icon next to the input bar:


They apply when uploading a file. They are persistent, each time a user enables or disables an option, that option will be persisted for future scans.

  • Unarchiving: when enabled and the user uploads an archive, the file will be unarchived. If not, the archive will be scanned as a single file without analyzing the files inside.

  • Multiscanning: always enabled. Perform multiscanning on the uploaded file

  • Hash lookup: enabled by default. If the option is enabled, before uploading the file, a check is performed to see if the file was previously analyzed. If results are found, the website opens at the latest analysis of the file.

  • Proactive DLP: permanently disabled for now. Proactive Data Loss Prevention is an OPSWAT technology for preventing data leaks in files

  • Deep CDR: performs data sanitization on the uploaded file, if the file format is supported by our Deep CDR technology.

  • Sandbox: run dynamic analysis on the files with one of our two sandbox environments:

    • Windows 7

    • Windows 10

  • Private scan: available only for paid users, with this option enabled the file will be deleted from our servers immediately after file scanning finishes