4. Reputation Service


MetaDefender Cloud allows users to check IP addresses, domains, and URLs for malicious behavior using multiple IP & URL reputation sources. This functionality makes it possible to identify threats like botnets that would not be found through scanning files when accessing content. By providing a standardized interface for leading IP & URL reputation sources, MetaDefender Cloud makes it possible to obtain aggregated data on whether an IP address, domain or URL should be trusted, so that you can monitor your network for possible threats.

MetaDefender Cloud provides two basic ways of verifying reputation for each type:

  • single scan (Scanning IP / Domain / URL)

  • bulk scans (Scanning list of IPs / Domains / URLs)

The bulk (list of) scan will accept up to 50 IP / Domains / URLs in the body of the response at once. These endpoints are also throttled.

Read more about reputation service APIs: