4. OPSWAT File Security for Chrome

OPSWAT File Security for Chrome leverages MetaDefender Cloud technology to protect users from malicious downloads. The extension creates a sanitized version of each downloaded file, checks downloads for vulnerabilities, and scans downloads for malware with over 30 anti-malware engines. Add the extension here.

After installing the extension, a "right-click" option to scan any file inside webpages is displayed:


The main navigation tool is the left side menu. It has three sections:

Scan History

It is easy to see a history of all downloads, along with the scan results for each, on the Scan History page. All the files scanned by the extension can be accessed here.


The top side of the page displays a "Search history" input where the user can search for files by filename.

The list displays:

  • the filename (green for clean files, red for infected files

  • the sha256 hash of the file

  • a "Download sanitized" button for getting the sanitized version of the file (if applicable). The extension will automatically try and sanitize certain file types based on the file name.

  • an icon to show if the file was scanned with MetaDefender Cloud or MetaDefender Core

    • images/download/attachments/4084320/image2019-9-23_11-10-52.png - cloud

    • images/download/attachments/4084320/image2019-9-23_11-10-26.png - core

  • the scan time of the file

  • the scanning results

Clicking on the filename will open the scan results page on MetaDefender Cloud or Core, depending on which server was used to scan the file.

If hovering over the file, a trash bin icon is displayed on the right side of the row, next to the scan icon. Clicking on the icon will remove the scan results from the list. There is also a "CLEAR SCAN HISTORY" button at the top right side of the page which will remove all the entries.

This is a "Chrome extension" specific scan history and has nothing to do with the scan history of the account on MetaDefender Cloud or Core servers. It only records the entries scanned by the extension and does not reset if the apikey or server is changed.


The chrome extension has multiple setting to customize the behavior:




Applies to


Scan downloads

Core, Cloud

With this option enabled, all the files downloaded with Chrome will also be sent to download by MetaDefender

Share scan results


[Only for paid users]

Instruct the server to delete the file after the scan has finished, and not share it with any vendor.

Show Chrome Notifications

Core, Cloud

Show notifications for scan start and finish

Save clean files

Core, Cloud

When right-clicking a file to download, the option "Scan and download with OPSWAT" will first scan the file, and only if the file is clean, it will be saved on the host computer


Enable safe URL

Core, Cloud

Scan every URL before opening with Safe URL redirect

On-premise scanning


Configure the extension to connect to a private MetaDefender Core instance to scan files. For the connection, all that is needed is the server URL and an apikey with scan rights.

The workflows section configures what workflow rule header the extension should send with the files to scan.

You have the option to share your scanned files with the community of MetaDefender Cloud users in order to improve detection rates. We encourage our users to do so in order to increase detection speeds and encourage threat research.

However, if you would like to keep all your downloaded files private, commercial users have the option to use MetaDefender Cloud's private scanning feature.


The about section is where user account info is displayed along with important links.


The chrome extension uses the same account the MetaDefender Cloud. If the user does not log in, a default apikey will be assigned.

It is an open-source tool developed by OPSWAT, the source code is published on GitHub: https://github.com/OPSWAT/metadefender-browser-extension

Go to the chrome web store and Add OPSWAT File Security for Chrome Extension here.