3. Public APIs

MetaDefender Cloud enables you to leverage our threat detection and prevention platform, MetaDefender. For scanning files, hash lookups, and data sanitization we do offer a community account exclusively for demo purposes and personal use. For commercial use, please consult our Licensing page, online store or contact our sales team to discuss which licensing model suits your needs.

A free integration with MetaDefender Cloud multi-scanning technology through the REST API is allowed only for:

  • Prototyping the integration with MetaDefender

  • Integration in your solution for demo purposes if and only if:

    • The integration in production will leverage a MetaDefender Core or MetaDefender Cloud commercial license

    • It's used only to demonstrate the product integration and will not save any data

Community users will be able to consume scan reports from 30+ anti-malware engines, but they are not allowed to use the data provided by our platform in any way. For commercial use, the engine list will be limited to the engines with which we have OEM agreements. Please consult the list of available engines on our Licensing page.

For more information on how to use this REST API, please see our documentation below.

  • Each API call requires a MetaDefender Cloud apikey. To obtain your community MetaDefender Cloud apikey, please create an OPSWAT account and log into the MetaDefender Cloud Account Information section.

  • Free apikeys obtained through the OPSWAT Account allow a limited number of API calls per day. To extend your key to allow additional usage, please visit our online store or contact OPSWAT sales.

  • If you experience any issues using MetaDefender Cloud through the web interface or through the REST API, please log into OPSWAT Portal and submit a ticket under the "Support" section. A member of our support team will be happy to assist with your request.