3. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

How to enable MFA

  • Navigate to profile and select “MFA” → “Setup TOTP”

  • Download generated tokens and secure them for future account recovery without the MFA device.

  • OPSWAT recommends Google Authenticator for Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) authentication. Follow the on-screen instructions to generated the TOTP code

  • Once successfully registered, TOTP code will be requested on every login.

Enforced MFA usage by account administrators

Organizations has the option to enforce MFA for all their registered users. If MFA is enforced, the user will be redirected to the MFA page after signing in. Users would be able to access any licensed product until MFA is configured


How to Sign In with MFA enabled

  • Navigate to “Sign in”, login with registered email-id and password.

  • Provide the TOTP code generated by the preferred 2FA application

How to Use, Get and Reset my Recovery Codes

Using Recovery Codes

  • In the event of loss of access to device registered with MFA or non-functional MFA application, click on “Use recovery code” (highlighted in yellow in the image) from the “Sign In” page

  • Input one of the recovery codes to register the MFA device for subsequent successful authentication


Get and Reset Recovery Codes

Recovery codes can be found under user-account profile page after the MFA setup is complete. To reset the codes follow the on-screen guidance on “Reset Recovery Code”