2. Data Sanitization on MetaDefender Cloud

MetaDefender Cloud Deep CDR

Data sanitization, also known as Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), is the process of breaking down a file, removing exploitable content, and then reconstructing the file with all original content and functionality restored. This process renders files safe by stripping potentially malicious or insecure content – macros and hyperlinks, for example.

How It Works

MetaDefender Cloud sanitizes files after first scanning them for malware with 30+ anti-malware engines. After multi-scanning is complete, MetaDefender Cloud creates a sanitized version of every file. The sanitized file is available for immediate download. To download the file, click "Sanitized File" above the displayed multi-scanning results, then click "Download Sanitized."

Data sanitization (CDR) does not modify or alter the content within a file. It simply removes the exploitable objects within the file.

Our data sanitization (CDR) technology supports over 80 file formats, including common file types such as DOC(X), XLS (X), PPT(X), and PDF, and we are always adding more in order to expand the protection afforded by data sanitization.

The Deep CDR engine is always the latest version on MetaDefender Cloud. The engine configuration is standard and no file conversion is performed. The only change to standard configuration is the fact that links are not removed in documents.

How to perform Deep CDR on files

In the UI, please make sure to enable "Deep CDR" on the advanced scanning menu:


Data Sanitization (CDR) APIs

We offer a REST API for data sanitization (CDR) to allow users to incorporate the technology's capabilities into their own solutions.

Click here to learn more about this API.

Private Deep CDR

Whether uploading files in private mode or not the sanitized version of the file will be deleted after 24h.