2. Accounts' Organization

Feature available under commercial and enterprise licensing plans only. MetaDefender Cloud license limits are controlled by the organization

Accounts' Organization is a logical grouping of multiple user accounts of the same organization. Available features :

  • Add users under Organization

  • Whitelist IP addresses to MetaDefender Cloud APIs

OPSWAT currently supports two types of account:

  • Individual users without organization

  • Individual users belonging to an organization (supports multiple RBAC - role based access control)

How to request to create an Organization

Organization request needs to be raised via Support Case from OPSWAT portal. For it you need to be registered.

  1. Access to OPSWAT Portal and click on “Support” to navigate to OPSWAT support portal.

  2. Open a new case clicking on ‘New’ button, select “OPSWAT Portal” under record type case and indicate “New Account Organization” in the subject

  3. Include in description that you want to be the 1st admin of the Organization.

  4. Select “Severity 4”

How to add an user to the Organization

  • Navigate to the profile page

  • Click “+ Add User” button images/download/attachments/5708162/image-20210421-122643.png

  • Include user email and the role:

    • User - Individual account that belongs to the organization

    • Admin - Administrator of the organization account images/download/attachments/5708162/image-20210421-122939.png

How to add IP to the IP Whitelisting

availability is subject to different licensing.

  • Navigate to “Security Rules”

  • Click “+ Add IP Range” - designating the Classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) allowed IP ranges.