1. Onboarding Process for MetaDefender Cloud API Users

Create a New OPSWAT Account


Obtain Your API Key

If you have purchased a commercial license of MetaDefender Cloud, the flag "Paid user" will be set to "Yes," and you will see your expiration date and purchased usage limits.


Test Your API Key with Our APIs

  • MetaDefender Cloud offers a rich set of publicly available APIs – see our documentation for the complete list

  • View the hash lookup API, and copy your API key from your account to the example curl commands listed on the right

  • If you encounter any problems during this process, you can contact OPSWAT via:

  • Every response from MetaDefender Cloud APIs contains Rate Limiting headers that tell you what your current usage is and when it will restart

# Single Hash Lookup
$ curl -vvvv https://api.metadefender.com/v4/hash/66DA1A91E1ED5D59BECFAD85F53C05F9 -H "apikey: $YOUR_API_KEY"