pcProx Plus RFID Reader Custom Authentication Module

Overview of Module

This documentation describes usage of the pcProx Plus RFID Reader custom authentication module.
This authentication module can be used with any version of MetaDefender Kiosk version 3.2.0 or later to allow RFID cards to be used for MetaDefender Kiosk authentication.

Required Components


MetaDefender Kiosk Configuration

If MetaDefender Kiosk has not already been installed on the system, the installer is available on the OPSWAT Portal at https://portal.opswat.com/products/high-security-networks.

Reader Configuration

pcProxConfig Installation

  1. Download the pcProxConfig installer from https://www.rfideas.com/support/product-support/pcprox-plus

  2. Run the installer to install the pcProxConfig configuration tool

  3. Connect the pcProx reader to the Metadefender Kiosk system and wait for the driver to be installed. The LED on the reader will turn red

  4. Launch the pcProxConfig tool, the device should be automatically detected

    1. images/download/attachments/4076095/image2016-4-22_9_17_21.png
    2. If the reader is not automatically detected you can click on the 'Connect' button to detect the reader

    3. The reader should be shown in the device list

  5. Select 'Card Analyzer' from the menu

    1. images/download/attachments/4076095/image2016-4-22_9_21_6.png
  6. Click 'Learn Card'

    1. Click Start Scan, and when prompted put the RFID card that you want the device to learn on the scanner. The card will need to stay on the reader until the scanning is complete.

    2. images/download/attachments/4076095/image2016-4-22_9_31_50.png
    3. images/download/attachments/4076095/image2016-4-22_9_32_6.png
  7. Click the 'Auto Config>' button

  8. Select the Configuration # to set and click the 'Write' button

    1. images/download/attachments/4076095/image2016-4-22_9_33_56.png
  9. After the configuration has been written click 'Exit' to close the Card Analyzer dialog or click the 'Learn Card' button to learn another card type

  10. Confirm that the configuration has the 'High priority' checkbox selected

    1. images/download/attachments/4076095/image2016-4-22_9_43_55.png
    2. If two configurations are saved make sure this is selected for both

  11. Select the 'Format' tab. On the 'Data Format' subtab do the following.

    1. Confirm the 'Send ID' checkbox is selected

    2. OPSWAT recommends that the 'Send FAC' checkbox is also selected

    3. images/download/attachments/4076095/image2016-4-22_9_46_41.png
  12. On the 'Delimiters' subtab, do the following

    1. Confirm the Pre-data delimiter is set to <NONE>

    2. images/download/attachments/4076095/image2016-4-22_9_52_26.png
    3. Confirm the Post-data delimiter is set to <NONE>

    4. Confirm the Termination Keystroke is set to <ENTER>

    5. images/download/attachments/4076095/image2016-4-22_9_51_42.png
  13. Click the 'Write Active' button to save the configuration. If there are two configurations set this needs to be done for both configurations.

  14. Test the configuration by opening the Notepad application and scanning a card. The card ID should be written into Notepad.

Adding pcProx Custom Authentication Module to MetaDefender Kiosk

  1. Copy the following files from the custom authentication module download package into your C:\Program Files (x86)\OPSWAT\Metadefender Kiosk\Client\Authentication directory

    1. authenticationModule.dll

    2. CustomAuthExample.exe

    3. omsConfig_CAM.ini

    4. db

  2. If you would like to restrict users to the RFID cards that are listed in the database

    1. Set the property validate_ID=1 in omsConfig_CAM.ini

    2. Open the 'db' file with a text editor, such as Notepad. Update/add the valid card IDs (can be read by pcProxConfig tool, step 14) with the corresponding user names in the format <Card ID>:<Name>. Only card IDs that are listed in this file can be used for authentication.

  3. In the MetaDefender Kiosk Management Console, enable Custom Authentication.
    Configuration → User Authentication → View and configure user authentication → User Authentication → Custom Authentication

    1. images/download/attachments/4076095/custom_auth_setting.png
    2. Click the 'Apply' button

Using the pcProx Custom Authentication Module

  1. Users will be prompted to scan their RFID badge

    1. images/download/attachments/4076095/image2016-4-22_10_17_45.png
  2. The ID from the card will be saved as the user ID for the session

    1. In the session log viewable through the Management Console

      1. images/download/attachments/4076095/image2016-4-22_10_19_35.png
    2. On the scan receipt

    3. In the saved text log file