Where can I find FAQs about MetaDefender Kiosk's antivirus signature updates?

MetaDefender Kiosk relies on its underlying MetaDefender Core server to manage antivirus signature updates. The frequency of the updates is given by the Metadefender Core server that the Kiosk is connected to.

There are two parameters that determine the frequency of signature/definition updates:

  • The frequency with which each antivirus vendor releases an update

  • The configuration setting on your MetaDefender Core installation that specifies the time interval between system checks and applying new updates.

Most of the antivirus vendors release definitions at least once per day. Many have multiple daily releases. Some vendors release updates on weekends while others do not.

If you use OPSWAT's online update mechanism to apply updates (i.e. via direct internet connection) then you can configure the update interval to suit your needs. The default setting that comes with a new installation of MetaDefender Core v3 is every 1440 minutes (once per day), whereas the default setting on Metadefender Core v4 is once every 4 hours.

If you are using manual updates (aka offline updates) the frequency is controlled by how often you download and apply the offline update package from OPSWAT.

This article pertains to MetaDefender Kiosk
This article was last updated on 2020-08-14