Version 4.5.0

4.5.0 MetaDefender Kiosk release

15 June, 2021

This release focused on User workflow selection, adding Spanish translation and other bug fixes.

New Features

User workflow selection

A user may now be assigned to multiple workflows either by direct assignment or group assignment.
When logging in to a Kiosk session, users will be presented with their assigned workflows to choose.

Spanish translation

Added support for default Spanish translation

Mail configuration test

When configuring SMTP settings, administrators may now test their settings within the mgmt console


OMVA failing to validate media after a reboot

Fixed issue where media validation no longer worked after reboot in certain domain environments

Saving session logs to network shares

Corrected issue that prevented session logs from saving to networks shares due to permission issues

Allow sessions to end automatically

Modified session flow to adhere to UI timeout settings when the session is done

Active Directory load when editing workflows

Further enhancements to speed up the AD user & group loading when a workflow is edited

Local user password restrictions

Removed extra restrictions on passwords for local users and increased the minimum length to 12 characters


Dropped support for Internet Explorer for the Management Console

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