Version 4.4.9

4.4.9 MetaDefender Kiosk release

12 January, 2021

This release focused on user experience enhancements & bug fixes.

New Features

Estimated time remaining display during processing

Processing progress indicator now shows current time elapsed and estimated time remaining

Retrieve files from Vault as a Guest

Guests can retrieve files from Vault using a Guest ID

Multiple copy-to directory support

Multiple copy-to directories can be configured in file handling.
Users can select which directory to copy to when the user copy selection is enabled.

Browse file selection totals

Options for browsing files can now be set to display the number of files selected and the total size of the selection


File\Session history export

Corrected issues with the export taking too long to generate and timing out connections

Retrieve files from Vault as an AD user

Fixed problems with retrieving files from Vault for certain AD user configurations

OMVA multiple media manifest support

Adjusted OMVA support for handling multiple media manifests on a device