Version 4.4.4

4.4.4 MetaDefender Kiosk release

18 August, 2020

This release is focused on Configuring the order workflow profiles are used to map a user to, periodic testing of Core servers and bug fixes.

New Features

Configure order of workflow profiles

Custom workflow profiles can now be manually adjusted to indicate the order in which users are identified to belong to

Periodic Core test

Kiosk can be configured to periodically send an EICAR file to ensure Core's detection is functioning


Email session report

Corrected issues with connecting to SMTP, sending emails to the logged in user and guest users

Authentication failure when Remote AD SSL is enabled

Fixed active directory communication to not attempt the default LDAP port when SSL is enabled

Automatic export of session\file history logs

Export log path configuration was failing to save and the file history export was lacking information, this has all been corrected

UNC path support for session logs

Fixed issue that prevented configuring a UNC path for specifying where session logs were written out to