Version 4.4.3

4.4.3 MetaDefender Kiosk release

16 July, 2020

This release is focused on Copy & Go processing, ability to retrieve files from a directory and configuring the install password for OMVA

New Features

Copy & Go processing

New Core processing option that allows copying files to the system and removing media before file processing begins

Retrieving files from a directory

Ability to retrieve files from a local or network share and run the files through Core before copying to the inserted media

OMVA configurable uninstall password

The uninstall password can now be modified for deployments to endpoints

Whitelist for secondary media

Whitelist can now be specified for copy-to media


Language import

Corrected issue where languages were not allowed to be edited after importing configuration of a previous release

IP support for SMTP host configuration

Fixed issue where connecting to an SMTP host configured by IP would fail

Hostname for syslog

syslog server can now be configured by either IP address or hostname

Users and Groups synced in workflows on Central Mgmt

The users and groups re-assigned to other workflows on Central Mgmt now updates as expected and syncs to the Kiosk instance's settings