Version 4.4.12

4.4.12 MetaDefender Kiosk release

6 May, 2021

This release focused on file limit configuration with Vault processing, correcting VMDK with Linux file systems and other bug fixes.

New Features

Vault processing - File size limit

File sizes can now be limited to dictate what is uploaded to Vault for processing

Vault processing - File count limit

The amount of files can now be limited when processing files with Vault

Copy-to media device info in logging

When files are copied to secondary media, the device information of this media is now included in the session logging


Processing VMDKs with Linux file systems

Fixed issue with failing to process contents in a VMDK with Linux file systems

Processing discs with CDFS file system

Corrected detection error the prevented processing discs with CDFS file system

Hebrew language display

Restored Hebrew display when browsing for files and selecting copy-to directories

Management Console login case insensitivity

Modified mgmt console login to not require case sensitive username input

Retrieve available files from Vault

Enhanced Vault file retrieval to not display files that are not approved by a supervisor

Email reports

Fixed issue where email reports were sent to incorrect recipients with similar names


The Management Console will not support Internet Explorer starting in June 2021