Version 4.4.11

4.4.11 MetaDefender Kiosk release

6 April, 2021

This release focused on syslog support for TLS over TCP and other features & bug fixes.

New Features

syslog support for TLS over TCP

syslog can now be configured to send messages using TLS

USB Copying Whitelist and Retrieving files

The whitelist to allow USBs to copy files to now also applies to retrieving files from Vault or directory

Battery percentage display

If MetaDefender Kiosk is deployed on a battery powered system (i.e. tablet\laptop) a battery power indicator will be displayed on the user interface in the bottom right corner

Disable hash calculation for non-processing session

For workflows where no processing is configured, the hash calculation of files can be disabled to allow for a faster session completion time

Fallback to OS logged in user when copying files to a directory

File handling to copy files to a directory now has the ability to enable copying files as the OS logged-in user if copying using the Kiosk user session credentials fails


Media detection

Corrected further issues with media detection:

  • encrypted devices being detected as CDROM

  • media insertion not being detected after a wipe event

Wipe functionality

Corrected further issues with wiping media:

  • encrypted device handling attempting to wipe the un-encrypted disc partition

  • wiping hanging on completion

  • device detection not operating after a wipe event

AD User & Group load in workflows

Improved the mechanism to load the list of AD users & groups to better handle large amounts

Retrieve files from Vault

Fixed a case where authenticating a user to Vault for retrieving files was failing

Send email only when blocked files are found

Restored the expected behavior of the workflow email setting to only send a session report email when a blocked file is found in a session


The Management Console will not support Internet Explorer starting in June 2021

Added a survey in the Management Console to collect feedback