Version 4.4.10

4.4.10 MetaDefender Kiosk release

4 February, 2021

This release focused on Digital session log signing and bug fixes.

New Features

Digital signing of session logs

Session logs can now be digitally signed with a configured certificate to ensure logs have not been tampered with

Supported browsers for the Management Console

The Management Console supports Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. Internet Explorer and others are not officially supported


Media detection

Enhanced media detection logic to reduce inconsistent issues with misdetection or improper identification of media

Copy & Go and copying to user media destination

Copying files to a secondary media is now supported when Copy & Go processing is enabled

SSO Management console login from a remote system

Fixed a redirection issue that caused users to not be navigated into the mgmt console after a successful SSO login

Guest workflow file retrieval

Corrected issue where Guests were not allowed to retrieve files if certain user authentication settings were set