Version 4.4.1

4.4.1 MetaDefender Kiosk release

15 May, 2020

This release is focused on adding support for multiple AD servers and log retention

New Features

Multiple Active Directory support

Multiple active directories can now be added to expand the coverage of users allowed to use Kiosk

Automated log retention

Application logs and session history can now be set to automatically clean up records older than a configured time span


Issues with user authentication and foreign language passwords

Fixed issues where users could not authenticate when their passwords contained foreign characters

Username & user response variables for the copy-to directory

Copy-to directory validation has been fixed to allow the user name and user response variables

UI exit password setting

Fixed an issue where the exit password was changed when user authentication settings were modified

Offline systems could not locally access the mgmt console

Updated internal management console settings to allow offline systems to access the console locally

Selecting groups to add to a workflow

Only allowed groups are displayed to assign to a workflow

Central Management v7 configuration sync

Corrected many issues where settings disappeared from the Central Management view or were applied incorrectly