Version 4.4.0

4.4.0 MetaDefender Kiosk release

16 April, 2020

This release is focused on adding NGINX to serve the Management Console, allowing Guests to receive summary reports via email, and providing passwords with encrypted archives when processing with Vault

New Features

NGINX serving the Management Console

IIS Express has been replaced with NGINX to power the Management Console

Guests can email session reports

Guests are now prompted to enter an email to session reports, when emailing reports is enabled

Send passwords with encrypted archives when processing with Vault

When an encrypted archive is identified, a password can be input to submit the file to Vault for processing

Support for Kanguru Defender Elite 200

Added support for processing Kanguru Defender Elite 200 USB


Setting custom export date range

Fixed the date selection to allow setting a custom date range to export session or file history

OMVA install via automated deployments

Modified OMVA installation to work successfully in remote deployments

Hash verification copy failure with extension-less files

Corrected an issue with hash verification failing on files without an extension

Copying files to a network share as Guest

Copying to a network share now utilizes the credentials of the user logged in to the system to copy files in the Guest workflow