Version 4.3.4

4.3.4 MetaDefender Kiosk release

13 August, 2019

Release focused on adding Kiosk high availability, Layer 7 load balancer support and bug fixes

New Features

Ability for Kiosk to use multiple backup servers during a session

Multiple backup servers can now be configured in the global configuration.
Within a workflow profile, it can be designated for Kiosk to attempt processing a file among any available MetaDefender server during a session.

Support for Layer 7 Load Balancer with MetaDefender

A Load Balancer can now be selected as the primary server for processing files

Regular expression support for media whitelisting

Media whitelisting can accept regular expression rules for more flexibility in configuring allowed devices

Option to disable SSL verification

Certain offline environments cannot successfully verify SSL certificates due to the network structure.
Kiosks in these special instances can be configured to workaround these limitations.


Issue with MetaDefender verification only working through TLS 1.0

MetaDefender connection testing in the Management Console has been fixed to utilize the latest security protocols when available (e.g. TLS 1.2)

Virtual keyboard input

Corrected ability to insert/delete characters within an input text box rather than only at the ends of the input

Unlock for IronKey D300 Managed devices

Updated ability to handle different versions of IronKey D300 Managed devices

Interface timeout not triggered while waiting for media to be inserted

Fixed the interface timeout to apply while waiting for media to be inserted

Updated Custom Authentication Module template

Custom Authentication Module template & tester have been updated to 64bit