Version 4.3.3

4.3.3 MetaDefender Kiosk release

9 July, 2019

Release focused on adding Kiosk self scan and bug fixes

New Features

Kiosk self scan

Allows the user to periodically or on demand utilize the MetaDefender Kiosk to scan its file system for possible infection

File handling option to copy allowed files to the original media

New copy-to route will wipe the original media and copy all allowed files back to it

Select to not submit special archive files, mounted by Kiosk, to Core

Only applicable to Acronis backups, virtual hard disks and/or VMware virtual machines.
Can now choose to withhold these files from Core if its contents have already been processed.

Prompt users for the password to password protected documents

When password protected documents are encountered (Word, PDF, Excel), they will now be prompted for passwords for processing their contents.

Generate a log message and warn the user when disk capacity reaches 80%

To help our customers insure that the Kiosk has sufficient space to operate, it will generate a log message when disk capacity has reached 80% or higher.

Updated Custom Authentication Module sample code to include 64-bit

To better facilitate CAM users in upgrading from V3 to V4, the CAM sample code has been cleaned up and generated in 64-bit


Kiosk failing to quarantine read-only files

Read-only files are now supported for quarantining

Fixed VHD mounting that was broken by recent Windows 10 updates

Windows 10 updates changed the case of the name of the drive being attached. Fixed parsing to handle variable case string.