Version 4.3.11

4.3.11 MetaDefender Kiosk release

13 March, 2020

This release is focused on the flexibility with the Vault copy-to directory structure, file deletion confirmation for users and other bug fixes

New Features

Specify Vault copy-to directory structure

Administrators can now indicate the directory structure of how files are uploaded to Vault when configuring a Vault server

Allow users to confirm to delete all blocked files

When blocked file handling is set to delete files, an Administrator can now allow users to confirm whether the blocked files should be deleted or not


Copy-to media blocked with OMVA

Copying all allowed files to a secondary media that was wiped would still cause OMVA to block the media.
This workflow has been modified to allow OMVA to unblock the media as expected.

Configure syslog settings from Central Management

A managed instance's syslog settings can now be configured via Central Management v7

Single password use to unlock multiple encrypted archives

Fixed an issue where the checkbox to supply a single password to multiple encrypted archives was not being respected

AD groups are only allowed to be added to a workflow profile

Only AD group objects will be allowed to be added to a workflow profile to reduce confusion with authentication issues

Sanitized file handling with the custom command line script

Corrected an issue where sanitized files were not handled in a configured script