Version 4.3.0

4.3.0 MetaDefender Kiosk release

14 May, 2019

Feature release focused on adding user support for the Management Console, support for Non-Windows file systems and minor bug fixes

New Features


User login for the Management Console

User login is now required to access the Management Console

*In keeping parity with MetaDefender, custom integrations to the REST API with passwords will no longer function.
You must set up an API key per user.
When installing, you must use the creation wizard to create your first admin user.
Admin credentials are no longer created automatically.

Support for Non-Windows file systems

Processing media content in Ext2/3/4, HFS Plus, HFSX, and APFS file systems is supported

Discs allowed to retrieve files from Vault

Retrieving files from Vault can now be downloaded to a disc


Enabling boot hardening

Security enhancements made to allow boot hardening for all systems

File handling count display

A count of the current file progress is now displayed when files are copied/moved to a destination

Product activation through a proxy

Online activation can now complete successfully via a proxy server