Version 4.2.9

4.2.9 MetaDefender Kiosk release

13 November, 2018

Feature release focused on email, user selection of copy-to directories and stability improvements

New Features


Configuration to only send an email report when a blocked file is detected

The email report can now be specified to be sent only when a blocked file in a session is found, rather than sending an email after every session.

Allow users to select the folder structure of copied files

Users can now be allowed to select whether to create a high level directory for files to be copied to or maintain the same folder structure as the original processed media.


Enhanced progress display for processing TIB files

Modified TIB processing experience to follow the archive processing flow.
Files within a TIB are displayed during progress, the TIB itself is counted as one file & an indicator in the right hand corner will notify the user that an archive is being processed.

UI will remain responsive when processing large datasets

Processing large datasets would cause the UI to stop showing updated progress from being displayed near the completion of a session, giving the impression that the UI was hanging.
Progress reporting has been modified to allow the UI to be responsive under large datasets for the duration of a session.

Finding users in groups assigned to workflow profiles

With a group assigned to a workflow profile, when a user would log in to Kiosk, there were instances where a user that is a member of the group was not correctly associated not provided the expected workflow profile.
This has been fixed.

SD card detection failure

Certain SD card readers present information of the media differently, which caused the Kiosk to not detect it.
Media detection has been updated to handle this case.

Hash verification when copying to a network share

Hash verification has been fixed to work with verifying files were copied correctly to a network share.

Translated strings not updating on the UI

A few translatable strings were not being updated for display in the UI.
These have been identified and fixed.
The default Japanese language strings have also been updated.