Version 4.2.7

4.2.7 MetaDefender Kiosk release

11 October, 2018

Feature release focused on media manifest validation and improvements for stabilized processing

New Features

Media Manifest Validation

Previously, Kiosk only saved signed manifests to the media that had been processed. Kiosk can now be configured to validate and utilize results from a manifest found on the media to process.

Logo and Intro Text on Receipt Printout

A logo and introduction text can be configured to print onto a session receipt.


Process failure logging is now more transparent

If Kiosk fails to send a file to the MetaDefender server, the reason will be displayed in the UI and session result log & printout.
Any network connection errors contributing to failures or MetaDefender failures reported to Kiosk will be logged in the Application Log in the Kiosk Management Console.
Messages will contain HTTP codes, description and network error messages to enable admins to take proactive action.

Updated bundled 7z component to version 18.05

Due to vulnerability issues with older versions, the bundled 7z binaries were updated to the latest version.

Retry logic improved when retrieving results from MetaDefender

In previous versions, if an error from MetaDefender prevented Kiosk from obtaining results, it would fail quickly and show that the file failed to process.
Kiosk will now try harder to receive correct results from MetaDefender if a file has been successfully sent for processing.

Removed curl error logging when a session is canceled

Canceling a session can result in canceling active connections between the MetaDefender server & Kiosk. This would result in an unnecessary large amount of curl error logs that are now removed under this specific condition.