Version 4.2.14

4.2.14 MetaDefender Kiosk release

9 April, 2019

Feature release focused on adding support for VMware virtual machines and bug fixes

New Features


Mount and scan VMware virtual machines

Added support for processing within VMDK files

French translation

French language can now be selected as one of the default languages

Upload files to Vault

Vault upload in the file handling of a workflow can now be specified to upload files singularly (with the addition of file scan results) or all packaged within a zip

Password prompt for nested encrypted archives

Password prompt will be displayed for encrypted archives found within encrypted archives

Integral Courier encrypted USB support

Integral Courier can be unlocked and processed

Kingston IronKey D300 Managed support

Kingston IronKey D300M can be unlocked and processed


CEF Extension field format

The Extension field in the CEF messages have been fixed to conform to correct CEF standard

German language

German language strings have been expanded upon