Version 4.2.12

4.2.12 MetaDefender Kiosk release

12 February, 2019

Feature release focused on system boot hardening, folder navigation on Vault and allowing copying original with sanitized files

New Features


System boot hardening

With boot hardening enabled the taskbar on the desktop will be not be loaded, thereby disallowing any PC functionality to a user until the Kiosk starts.

Folder navigation when retrieving files from Vault

When browsing for files to download from Vault, folders can be accessed and downloaded to the desired media.

Copy the original file along with the sanitized version

New configuration option added for Copy-To actions that will allow an administrator to specify copying the original file along with the sanitized version.


Emails not being sent to the user logged into the Kiosk session

Kiosk can now identify the email address of the logged in user from a remote AD server.

LDAPS authentication failure

Users can authenticate using LDAPS functionality with improved routing.

Handling sanitized file naming convention

Now an incremental number is only appended to the file name during copy to avoid file collisions.