Version 4.2.10

4.2.10 MetaDefender Kiosk release

11 December, 2018

Feature release focused on expanding support for processing non-Windows file systems and simplifying blocked files reported in session reports.

New Features


Session log is generated when retrieving files from Vault

A session summary log is now created (and can be printed) after retrieving files from a Vault server, indicating which files were downloaded.


Blocked results directly reported from MetaDefender

Beforehand, Kiosk would group specific blocked reasons under special categories (e.g. Encrypted Archive & Password Protected Document → Password Protected).
This would result in confusion when reading session summary reports and verifying specific file counts against the MetaDefender processing history.
Blocked results are no longer grouped under special categories, they are grouped according to the result returned from MetaDefender.

Custom command line script not running

There was an issue with the component that runs custom command line script - failing to start and complete the configured actions.
This has been fixed.

syslog CEF format

syslog messages sent in CEF were not formatted according to specifications which caused parsing issues in SIEM servers.
The main body of the message is now sent in the Extension section and the log type is sent in the Name section.
The severity level has also been corrected to meet the CEF specification.

Processing mobile phones with Vault

Fixed upload failures when attempting to process a mobile phone with MetaDefender Vault.