Using the "Copy & Go" feature

Copy & Go is a new feature in Kiosk Workflows that gives the user a faster Kiosk experience. This feature will copy the files from the user’s portable media to the Kiosk itself before scanning. This allows the user to remove their portable media much sooner than a typical Kiosk scan that requires the media to be inserted. After the scan completes all copied files will then be deleted from the Kiosk system.

There are benefits and drawbacks to enabling Copy & Go. Please review the following information before enabling Copy & Go.

When to use Copy & Go

  • Users want a faster Kiosk experience

    • When scanning a large number of files (hundreds or thousands) it may be faster to copy all of the files from the drive before scanning. With Copy & Go enabled the user will only need to wait for their files to finish copying, saving them from wasting time waiting for the scan to completely finish.

    • Copy & Go is not recommended when scanning a smaller number of files as the overall time saved will be negligible compared to a large number of files.

Enabling Copy & Go

Copy & Go can be used when Use MetaDefender Core server is selected for processing. Use the checkbox in the Processing section of a Workflow to enable:


Please note that enabling Copy & Go will disable any Workflow File Handling option that copies or moves files to the original media.

Copy & Go workflow

The Workflow for Copy & Go is similar to the normal Kiosk Workflow. The one big difference is after the user logs in and selects the files to scan, Copy & Go will copy those files to the Kiosk system then prompt the user to remove their media:


The Workflow will then continue to scan the files and produce a report.


  • Hard drive space

    • This feature will copy all of the selected files to the Kiosk system. The amount of free hard drive space should be closely monitored when using Copy & Go to ensure the Kiosk system does not run out of space.

  • Malicious files

    • Copy & Go may open up the Kiosk system to infection in the event there are malicious files on the media that get copied to the Kiosk system.

  • Disabled Workflow features

    • Any Workflow option that copies files back to the original media will be disabled when Copy & Go is enabled. This includes File Sanitization options that sanitize the files on the original media or copy sanitized versions of files back to the original media after scanning.

  • Media should still be considered UNSAFE when Copy & Go is enabled

    • Copy & Go copies files from the original media to the Kiosk system then ejects the original media unchanged. This media should still be treated as unsafe and unscanned until the scan completely finishes and results have been reviewed.

This article applies to MetaDefender Kiosk
This article was last updated on 2020-08-12