Setting up Media Manifest

The Media Manifest is a digitally signed file that contains hashes of all the clean and approved files that were processed by MetaDefender Kiosk.

This document covers the entire flow of the Media Manifest feature, from setting up the certificate used for signing in MetaDefender Core, enabling the feature in Kiosk and utilizing it in the OPSWAT Media Validation Agent.



  • Create a signing certificate and add it to MetaDefender Core

  • Assign the certificate to a workflow



  • Enable media manifest in Kiosk

  • Set Kiosk to use the MetaDefender Core workflow rule configured above


OPSWAT Media Validation Agent

Validation Flow:

  • The Kiosk sends files from the external media to MetaDefender Core for processing

  • MetaDefender Core will generate a manifest containing all the files processed in the Kiosk session, signed with the certificate

  • The Kiosk downloads the manifest from MetaDefender Core on to the processed media

  • Insert the media in to an endpoint with OPSWAT Media Validation Agent installed

  • Media Validation Agent will check if the signed media manifest is trusted

  • Media Validation Agent will then check the hashes of the files in the media manifest and compare with the files located on the media

  • Media will be then allowed in case the hashes of the files are the same as the information found in the media manifest or blocked if there are any discrepancies

This article applies to MetaDefender Kiosk
This article was last updated on 2020-08-18