By default, communication with the Management Console is not encrypted.
If you enable HTTPS, the server can enforce secure connections between client and server on an SSL channel.

Enabling HTTPS on nginx

  1. Place your certificate on the system

  2. Edit the "server" block in "C:\Program Files (x86)\OPSWAT\Metadefender Kiosk\Client\REST\conf\dynamic.conf":

    1. Add the "ssl" parameter to the listening sockets

    2. S pecify the locations of the certificate and private key files

      listen 8009 ssl;
      listen [::]:8009 ssl;
      ssl_certificate "C:/Program Files/cert/your.crt";
      ssl_certificate_key "C:/Program Files/cert/your.key";


      Use forward slashes in the certificate paths to avoid any nginx parsing issues.

  3. In Task Manager, restart the MetadefenderSVC service