9. Using the Kiosk User Interface

The following sections give an overview of the end user experience in using the MetaDefender Kiosk.
The exact experience will depend on how each MetaDefender Kiosk instance is configured.

Launching MetaDefender Kiosk

The MetaDefender Kiosk application automatically launches upon system startup.
If there is a system malfunction and you restart the system, MetaDefender Kiosk re-initializes upon startup

After startup, the idle screen is displayed.


If the MetaDefender Kiosk license is expired or invalid, the MetaDefender Kiosk application displays an error and does not allow usage.


Exiting the User Interface

Alt+F4 is used to exit the UI.
When exiting the UI, it may take a few minutes if Kiosk is in the middle of processing media.
It is not recommended to exit the UI while Kiosk is processing media.
It is strongly suggested to set the exit password in order to prevent a non-administrator from accessing the system.
If the Kiosk software is experiencing any malfunction, the UI will not be able to exit and close.
The system administrator will have to have to reboot the machine and diagnose the services' operation in Safe Mode.

When the exit password is configured: