9.7. Copying Files

Selecting which copy option to run

If "Allow user to select copy option" is enabled (for each respective allowed/blocked designation), the file handling option screen will allow users to select the destination for files.
Navigating between allowed and blocked is possible when the option is enabled for both.
Selection is done by clicking each option to run (a check mark indicates the option is selected and will be performed) and then hitting the "Copy" button.

images/download/attachments/4346671/allowed_file_handling.png images/download/attachments/4346671/blocked_file_handling.png

Copying files to another media

If your workflow profile specifies copying scanned files to other media, you are prompted to insert the media to which you want to copy your files.
Supported copy media types are: USB, CD/DVD (blank, non-finalized) & floppy.
If you do not want to copy the files, click Skip Copy to Media .
The original source media must remain connected to MetaDefender Kiosk to successfully copy the files.


If the user media is configured to be wiped before copying, a prompt will alert the user that the destination media will be wiped.


Select 'Continue' to have the media wiped and copy files to or 'Cancel' to be taken back to insert another media to copy files to.


Note: If you insert an encrypted device as the media to copy to, you will be prompted to enter the password to unlock the media before files are copied.