9.6. Viewing the Session Results

After media has been processed, the session results appear.

If any file was not processed by MetaDefender, a warning will pop up indicating that not all files were processed.

The session results include whether processing was completed or aborted, the number of files allowed and blocked and the total number of files processed.


The session result page includes the following buttons:

  • Allowed: If allowed files are found, then the Allowed count will appear. Click this button to go to the Allowed file summary screen.

  • Blocked: If blocked files are found, then the Blocked count will appear. Click this button to go to the Blocked file summary screen.

  • Copy & Print: Clicking this button will begin the file transfer process to any destination configured. If printing is enabled, the session results will be printed to the default printer.

Viewing details about blocked files

The Blocked File Details screen displays the blocked files detected by MetaDefender Kiosk during processing.
You can click a blocked file to view more details.