9.5. Processing Encrypted Archives

If at least one encrypted archive is found during processing (as described in 9.4. Processing Digital Media) and encrypted archive decryption is enabled, a list of the encrypted files encountered is presented.


To process encrypted archives:

  1. Select the checkbox next to one or more of the encrypted archives.
    A password screen will appear:

  2. Enter the password for the encrypted archive and then click Submit .
    Note: If you selected multiple encrypted archives, you are prompted to enter different passwords for each archive or select to apply the same password to all archives.

  3. Click Unlock to scan the selected encrypted archives .
    If the encrypted archives are successfully unlocked, the Session Results appear.
    Note: Click Skip to bypass the encrypted archives and go directly to the Session Results screen.

  4. If another encrypted archive is found within a previous archive, the user will be re-prompted to enter a password until a successful unlock or skip is chosen.