9.5. Processing Encrypted Archives

If at least one encrypted archive is found during processing (as described in 9.4. Processing Digital Media) and encrypted archive decryption is enabled, a list of the encrypted files encountered is presented.


To process encrypted archives:

  1. Select the checkbox next to one or more of the encrypted archives.
    A password screen will appear:

  2. Enter the password for the encrypted archive and then click Submit .
    Note: If you selected multiple encrypted archives, you are prompted to enter different passwords for each archive or select to apply the same password to all archives.
    Note: Kiosk tries each password for all archives until it can extract it or failed, so a wrong password for an archive A might be a correct one for archive B, as a result the archive B might not be asked again for password.

  3. Click Unlock to scan the selected encrypted archives .
    If the encrypted archives are successfully unlocked, the Session Results appear.
    Note: Click Skip to bypass the encrypted archives and go directly to the Session Results screen.

  4. If another encrypted archive is found within a previous archive, the user will be re-prompted to enter a password until a successful unlock or skip is chosen.