9.4. Processing Digital Media

  1. Insert the media you want to process.
    The Process selection screen appears.

  2. Click Browse . (If you want to process the entire media, click Process All and skip to step 5)
    All detected drives are displayed.
    Note: Click Wipe Media to remove all data from the detected media and overwrite the entire disk with random data, depending on the configuration set in the MetaDefender Kiosk Management Console.


  3. Select the drive, folders, or files (including system files) you want to scan and click Continue .
    Files are displayed in pages for directories with a large amount of files and can be navigated via the Previous Page and Next Page buttons.
    Note: Boot Sector in the figure below are the Master Boot Record and Volume Boot Record; they will be processed if selected.
    images/download/attachments/4881216/browse.png images/download/attachments/4881216/browse_page.png

    Note: If the Size Summary is set, users can observe the total size of selected files and folders.

  4. The Progress screen displays the following information:

    1. Counts of current file results (e.g. allowed files, blocked files, skipped files)

    2. The progress percentage on the media icon

    3. The number of files of processed out of the total number files to be processed

    4. The current time elapsed

    5. Estimated time remaining

      images/download/attachments/4881216/progress1.png images/download/attachments/4881216/progress2.png
      Note: If the inserted media does not have Windows-readable partitions, or if multiple partitions have been disabled in the MetaDefender Kiosk Management Console and the drive has multiple partitions, the No volumes mounted for the selected device error message appears and you will be returned to the Idle screen. This error message also appears if MetaDefender Kiosk is unable to read a partition because it is a private or encrypted partition.

  5. If at least one encrypted archive is found and encrypted archive decryption is enabled in the MetaDefender Kiosk Management Console, a list of the encrypted files is displayed.
    See 9.5. Processing Encrypted Archives for additional information.

  6. When processing is complete, the Sessions Results screen is displayed.
    See 9.6. Viewing the Session Results.
    Note: If you click Cancel during processing, the Session Results screen will be displayed. If media is removed during scanning, the session will end and return to the idle screen.