8. Additional Kiosk Configuration

Management Console will not support Internet Explorer 11 starting in June 2021


The Dashboard will be the first page that is seen when logging in to the MetaDefender Kiosk Management Console.
This page provides a summary of all of the files that have been processed by MetaDefender Kiosk.



The Configuration page allows you to configure all MetaDefender Kiosk settings that apply to all users of MetaDefender Kiosk.


  • In case the directory path for session log is not able to created, the default path is used instead.

  • Session log can be saved in network shared folder with AD user's credentials that is logged into the Kiosk session for saving privileges. If the saving to network shared folder initially fails with the AD user credentials, Kiosk attempts with the OS logged in user's. If both attempts fails, the session logs will be saved in the default location.


Advanced configuration options can be set by expanding the ‘Advanced Configuration’ section of the Configuration page.