8.5. Session Logs

MetaDefender Kiosk displays the most recent scanning sessions on the Logs page.
You can select any of these sessions to view details from that scanning session.


Export Session or File History to CSV

The session or file history can be exported, on demand, to a CSV file based on the time range selected.
Automated history export can be configured on the Configuration page.
Exported session history contains information on Session ID, User ID, Scan time, Device ID, Device Type, Device Manufacturer, Device Model, Device Serial Number and User Question responses.
Exported file history contains information on Session ID, File Name, SHA-256 hash, and Scan Result.

Searching by file hash or session ID

You can also search MetaDefender Kiosk logs by either file hash (SHA256) or by MetaDefender Kiosk session ID on the Session History page.


If you search by session ID, MetaDefender Kiosk displays a summary of the results of that session.
Click any of the list items in the summary page to display the individual files that were included in that MetaDefender Kiosk session.


Note: in case processing with Vault as configured at 4.5, Kiosk just uploads files to Vault without scanning during the session, so the Blocked Files indicates the number of files failed to upload to Vault

Searching by specific file name

Click Want to upload a file to search to upload a file to check if it has been processed by MetaDefender Kiosk.

If you search by SHA256 hash code, MetaDefender Kiosk displays a summary of all of the times that file was processed by MetaDefender Kiosk.

Viewing session details

Click any of the items in the list to display details from the specific processing sessions.


Similarly, you can click any of the items in the new list to display the details from that specific session.