7. Configuring with Central Management

Central Management 5.1+ allows the ability to manage multiple MetaDefender Kiosks.
Management consists of configuring the global configuration & workflow profile settings, and viewing health / license status of multiple Kiosk instances.
This guide outlines how to add a Kiosk instance to Central Management, please refer to Central Management documentation for further product details.

Adding a Kiosk instance to a group

  1. Access the Central Management Console at http://<ip or dns>:8018

  2. Choose an already existing Group or create a new one and then click "Add Instance"


  3. Fill in the required fields "Name", "Rest Address", and "API Key"

    The value for the "API Key" field is the password for the Kiosk Management Console.
    By default, that password is set to "admin".


  4. Check "Import configuration" if this is the first Kiosk instance being added and the Kiosk has already been configured to the desired settings.
    The settings of this configured Kiosk will then be imported without having to reconfigure the settings within Central Management.

  5. Click "Add Instance" when done