6. Configuring with Vault

Kiosk 4.0.1 or lower has a maximum supported Vault of 1.1.9
Kiosk 4.1.1 or greater supports Vault 1.1.9 or higher

It is recommended for both Kiosk and Vault to be connected to the same user directory in order for the integration to work seamlessly.

Vault servers are configured from the Kiosk global configuration page.
In the Vault Server section, click "View and configure Vault servers".
This will open the MetaDefender Vault Servers page where multiple servers can be added and configured.

Each entry is validated for a successful connection.
Once a Vault server is added, it can be selected in all sections of the configuration where a Vault server is required.


  • Server URL: Vault REST server's URL

  • API Key: API key obtained from the MetaDefender Vault management interface

  • Folder path: The directory structure specified in which files are uploaded to. The default is a root folder of the respective Kiosk session ID.

    • [date]: current date (Year-Abbreviated month-Day), e.g. 2020-Mar-10

    • [time]: time of session (Hour-Minute-Second), e.g. 18:42:28

    • [username]: user logged into the kiosk session

    • [sessionid]: kiosk session id

Number of days for Guest users to remain valid: indicates how long a guest user is valid before Vault removes the user and files associated to it.